Vladimir of Duklja

Vladimir (Serbian Cyrillic: Владимир; died 1118) was the Prince of Duklja from 1103 to 1113. He was a son of Vladimir, the oldest son of earlier King Mihailo I of Duklja (r. 1050-1081), and thus a nephew of Constantine Bodin (r. 1081-1101). He married a daughter of Vukan, the Grand Prince of Serbia (in Raška), thereby ending the civil war between the two polities of Duklja and Raška, with a peace lasting 12 years. Vladimir had been appointed the rule of Duklja by his father-in-law, Vukan, after the death of his uncle, former King Kočopar, in Zahumlje. He was poisoned in 1118 on the orders of Queen Jaquinta, the widow of his uncle, Constantine Bodin. Jaquinta soon appointed her son, George, to the throne.

Political offices
Preceded by
Prince of Duklja
under Vukan

Succeeded by

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