Vivien Vee

Viviana Andreattini (born May 2, 1960), known under the stage name of Vivien Vee, is a retired Italian singer.

Life and career

Born in Trieste, Vee debuted in 1979 as an electronic disco project produced by Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo.[1][2]

Her song "Give Me a Break" became a minor hit in the American dance charts.[3] The song "Higher" peaked at No. 36 in the Italian Chart.[4] Another song of hers, "Remember", was featured in the 2005 video game The Warriors.[5] She released her last single in 1989.

Between 1982 and 1984, she posed semi-nude in men's magazines such as Playmen, Blitz, and the Italian edition of Playboy.



Selected singles


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