Vivaldi (potato)

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The Vivaldi potato is a cultivar of potato developed by a company called Naturally Best, based in Lincolnshire, England.

Lab studies have shown Vivaldi to be lower in calories and carbohydrates than many other popular potato varieties.[1] The name was chosen as a reference to Antonio Vivaldi, since, as the potatoes are grown both in the UK and overseas, they are available during all "Four Seasons" of the year.

Vivaldi is a Second Early variety producing oval tubers with yellow skin and pale yellow flesh and which are resistant to scab. As well as being known as ‘weight watcher’s potato’, it is also referred to as the ‘butterless baker’, as its creamy texture and flavour mean one does not necessarily need to add butter to improve a baked Vivaldi's taste.

Botanical features of this variety include a tall plant with stems weakly pigmented and slightly swollen nodes. Terminal and primary leaflets are ovate, the flowers have orange anthers and a white corolla with a prominent star. The tubers have few shallow eyes with light yellow flesh and the sprouts are a red-violet.[2]

Diseases resistances for this variety include, field immune to potato wart and it is highly resistant to PVA and PVY. Also, Vivaldi is moderately resistant to leaf roll, PVX, late blight on tuber, silver scurf, blackleg and black dot and is moderately susceptible to late blight on leaves, common scab, powdery scab, rhizoctonia and skin spot.[2]


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