Viva la Vega

Viva La Vega
Video by Kaizers Orchestra
Released 24 April 2006 (EU)
27 May 2006 (NO)
Recorded Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark, 6 October 2005
Genre Rock
Length 240 minutes
Label Kaizerecords, Universal Music Group
Director Inge von Schreuder and Vegard Berget
Producer Amazon film

Viva La Vega is a Live DVD featuring the Norwegian alternative rock band Kaizers Orchestra produced by the Norwegian company Amazon Film. It features their concert at Vega in Copenhagen, Denmark on 6 October 2005, as well as documentaries, music videos, a biography, and stills. The DVD features all the songs Kaizers recorded in 2005, whether as part of the concert itself or as background music for the extras.

DVD Material

Live at Vega

(by Chapter)

  1. KGB
  2. Delikatessen
  3. Knekker deg til sist
  4. Hevnervals
  5. Container
  6. Señor Flamingos adieu
  7. Blitzregn baby
  8. Bøn fra helvete
  9. Mann mot mann
  10. Kontroll på kontinentet
  11. Christiania
  12. På ditt skift
  13. Dr. Mowinckel
  14. Di grind
  15. Dieter Meyers Inst.
  16. Evig pint
  17. Ompa til du dør
  18. Maestro
  19. Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg
  20. Sigøynerblod
  21. Bak et halleluja
  22. Resistansen
  23. 170
  24. Die Polizei


Music Videos

The main menu of the DVD is set up with symbols along the objects around the pump organ Mr. Omen Kaizer is playing.

The !helmet; The concert at Vega
The Treble Clefmusic sheets; Chapter selection
The Starmovie projector; Music videos
Heart symbolcandles/gun; Something very random; click for yourself...
Crowbarsside of the pump organ; Extras section
Three circlesdials on the pump organ; Subtitles selection for the Making of Maestro and Prekestolen documentaries (Norwegian, English, German)
Music Notesalong the keys of the pump organ; Sound selection (Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1)

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