Former names Acland House
General information
Town or city Colombo
Country Sri Lanka
Client Government of Sri Lanka

Visumpaya, is an official residence of the Government of Sri Lanka. It is located in Lillie Street, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The house has been used as residence for visiting heads of state and local government ministers. It is used by the D. M. Jayaratne, 14th Prime Minister of Sri Lanka as his official residence.


The colonial style two story bungalow was built as the Officer's mess of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment and was sold to the Colombo Commercial Company in the late nineteenth century, which was named as "Acland House" turned it into its head office in Colombo. In 1971 the house was taken over by the government following the nationalization of the Colombo Commercial Company under the Business (Acquisition) Act No. 35 of 1971.[1]

Since then the house with its large gardens have played host to many official functions and visiting heads of state and government have resided there. Anura Bandaranaike former Minister and Speaker of Parliament died while in residence at Visumpaya.

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Coordinates: 6°54′53″N 79°51′07″E / 6.91472°N 79.85194°E / 6.91472; 79.85194

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