Viscounts of Béarn

Coin of Béarn (under "Count Centule")
Coat of arms of the viscounts of Béarn.

The viscounts of Béarn (Basque: Bearno, Gascon: Bearn or Biarn) were the rulers of the viscounty of Béarn, located in the Pyrenees mountains and in the plain at their feet, in southwest France. Along with the three Basque provinces of Soule, Lower Navarre, and Labourd, as well as small parts of Gascony, it forms the current département of Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64).

Béarn is bordered by Basque provinces Soule and Lower Navarre to the west, by Gascony (Landes and Armagnac) to the north, by Bigorre to the east, and by Spain (Aragon) to the south.

List of Viscounts of Béarn

House of Béarn

House of Gabarret

Probably legendary

House of Montcada

House of Foix-Béarn

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House of Foix-Grailly

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In 1512 Ferdinand II of Aragon conquered the better part of the kingdom of Navarre, leaving the kingdom with only the small section it held north of the Pyrenees.

House of Albret

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House of Bourbon

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In 1620 the viscountcy of Béarn was reunited to the French crown, whereas Lower Navarre was in 1607.

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