Vilnius Academy of Arts

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Vilniaus dailės akademija
Vilnius Academy of Arts
Type Public
Established 1793 (1793)
Rector Audrius Klimas
Students 1,814
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Campus Urban

The Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuanian: Vilniaus dailės akademija, previously State Art Institute of Lithuania) in Vilnius, Lithuania, grants a variety of degrees in the arts.

Building 'C' of the Academy at Vilnia River in Užupis. Built in 1981, architects Vytautas Brėdikis, Bronius Kazlauskas, Vladislovas Mikučianis, Vytautas Nasvytis.

The Academy traces its roots back to the creation of the Architect Department at the University of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1793. The Department of Painting and Drawing was established in 1797, followed by the Department of Graphics (Engraving), and in 1805 – the Departments of Sculpture and History of art. In 1832, the University was temporarily closed, and reopened in 1919 with departments of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art. In 1940, the art studies in Lithuania were united under Vilnius art institute and Kaunas art schools. Later, the Academy saw several re-organisations, and in 1990 the name of Vilnius Academy of Arts was reinstated.

The academy began working with UNESCO in 2000,[1] when the UNESCO department of culture management and culture policy was created.

The museum of the Academy holds about 12,000 pieces, ranging from the 16th century to the works of its most recent students and graduates.[2]

Notable alumni


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