Vilém Kinský

Wilhelm Kinsky (Czech: Vilém Kinský z Vchynic; German: Wilhelm Graf Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau; 1574 25 February 1634) was a Czech Count and statesman.

The Kinsky family were members of the Bohemian aristocracy. In 1628 Vilém Kinsky was elevated to the rank of count in the Bohemian nobility when the Albrecht von Wallenstein, to which he was connected, was elevated to Duke of Frýdlant.

Kinsky was killed at Cheb on 25 February 1634 as part of the plot to assassinate Field Marshal of the Imperial Army Albrecht von Wallenstein during the Thirty Years' War. His estates were confiscated by the Emperor.

One of his descendants Oktavian Kinsky, founded the world-famous Kinsky-horse breeding Stud in Bohemia.


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