Viktor Panin

Viktor Panin

Viktor Panin on the 25-anniversary of the institute he created (a picnic on the holiday village)
Born 1930.11.10
Semey, USSR
Citizenship USSR, Russia
Institutions National Research Tomsk State University, Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS
Alma mater National Research Tomsk State University
Doctoral students Sergey Psakhie

Viktor Panin (born 1930) is a Russian physicist. PhD (Doctor of science) in physics and mathematics, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, advisor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, expert in the fields of solid mechanics, plastic deformation and physical materials.

Curriculum vitae

Scientific achievements

Under the guidance of academician Victor Panin he established and developed physical mesomechanics of materials. It uniting physical materials with solid mechanics at macrolevel and with physics of plastic deformation at microlevel. Within this framework, developed new methods of computer design materials and technologies of their production. [1] Deep mesomechanics ideas can be successful use in the new approach to earthquake prediction where the seismic source mesostructure appears to be an intermediate term precursor.[2]


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