Vietnam Multimedia Corporation

Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (or Vietnam Television Corporation)
Type Internet television
Branding VTC
Country Vietnam
Availability Vietnam and worldwide
Launch date
July 2003
Official website or or

Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (Vietnam Television Corporation (VTC)) is a Vietnamese multimedia corporation, founded in February 1988 for the purpose of building television stations. In July 2003, the Vietnam Ministry of Post and Telematics purchased VTC.


In February 1988, the Postal Ministry (Vietnam Telecommunications), founded Broadcast TV (National Television Vietnam (VTV)) which became VTC. In September 1992, VTC became the Investment Company for Development and Technical Information (INTEDICO) under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture (Information). In November 1993, INTEDICO became an investment company for the development of television technology in Vietnam and on 10 December 1996, INTEDICO merged with TELEXIM RATIMEX (decision number 918 - QD / TC-Vietnam Television). Further statutory changes were made in 2003 (decision number 129/2003/QD- TTg 26 June 2003) and 2005 when INTENDICO became part of a parent state company, the Communication Corporation (decision number 192/2005/QD-TTg 29 July 2005).

Subsidiary companies of Communication Corporation

Subsidiary companies include:

  • VTC Mobile
  • VTC Digicom
  • Digital Television
  • VTC Technology and Digital Content Company - VTC Intecom
  • Communications Corporation VTC.
  • Corporate Solutions Limited, a member of VTC communications technology
  • Company Limited, a member of Communications VTC Multimedia Central
  • Company Limited, a member of Communications South VTC Multimedia
  • Company Television Media Development (CTC)
  • Trading Corporation VTC (communications equipment)
  • Joint Stock Company VTC (electronic media)
  • Electronics Corporation and Vietnam Cable Television
  • Service Corporation (international cooperation)
  • Company Transfer of TV technology - telecommunications VTC
  • Trading Company, the production of commercials and television entertainment VTC
  • Communications Corporation Friendship
  • VTC School of Communication
  • VTC Studio (established February 2010)

Online games

VTC Studio online games

Other productions

VTC produces News as newspapers, news programs, TV Journal and online TV; Mobile service loadable images and ringtones; EBank, an online payment portal; Mobile TV and Interactive television.

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