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Type of site
Video game journalism
Available in English
Owner Candy Banana
Created by Adam McCann
Tom Orry
James Orry[1]
Alexa rank Increase 18,503 (December 2015)[2]
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional (free)
Launched 12 November 2004 (2004-11-12) (as[3]
Current status Active (formerly known as Pro-G) is a London-based website focused on video game news, reviews, previews and videos. It is part of the Candy Banana network of websites, operated by Swedish parent IBIBI HB.


The site was initially launched in November 2004 as by university friends Adam McCann and Tom Orry.[4] In 2007, with the growing popularity of the site, McCann and Orry formed Pro-G Media Ltd., and the domain name of the site was changed to[5] On changing the site name, Orry said "You'll just be seeing it [the site's content] all on a fancy new website with a name that we feel is a little more obvious".[6]

On 6 October 2008, launched a high-definition video service, capable of streaming 720p HD videos, which is claimed to be the first amongst UK games websites.[7] The website is regularly updated with video content, most commonly consisting of video game reviews, comparisons, trailers, and gameplay clips, much of which is produced in-house.

In March 2015, Pro-G Media Ltd. was acquired by Swedish Company IBIBI HB.[8] As part of this acquisition, IBIBI HB formed a new company and network entitled 'Candy Banana', consisting of VideoGamer and other properties acquired by IBIBI HB. Thomas Isaksson, a representative of IBIBI HB, said "We’re delighted to join forces with Adam, Tom, James [Orry] and the team. With great sites, content, and community, I believe we have a formidable network that’s only going to get better and better."[8]

Community Club

For the most of 2014, the site had begun to transition much of its focus towards the production of original video content, but this means of content distribution would prove to be non-sustainable as a business model. Beginning February 2015, the site launched a Patreon account,[9] enabling this content to be crowd-funded independently of advertising revenue. Dubbed the "VG Community Club", subscribers can back different tiers which offer perks such as exclusive video content, personalised greetings from the site's staff and entries to exclusive competitions, among others.


VideoGamer UK Podcast

A large attraction of the website is the weekly podcast produced by the editorial team, which is available from the site, YouTube and iTunes. Featuring a balance of humour, satire, news and community involvement, the podcast stands out from its competitors and, much like the site's video content, often conveys the site's unique stance on interpretation within the world of video game journalism.

The current podcast format began in June 2011,[10] after the publication of podcasts Back on Topic and Free for All ceased. In January 2013, the podcast was rebranded from 'The Podcast' to 'VideoGamer UK Podcast'[11] to reflect the launch of VideoGamer Portugal, the Portuguese extension of the site.[12] As of February 2015, an extended version of the podcast was made available to members of the Community Club,[9] with the extension featuring much less formal commentary to the standard podcast.

Older Formats

Free for All

Originally, the podcast followed a similar structure to what exists on the site today. However, this quickly evolved into a quiz format where the site's staff would compete against each other, answering gaming related questions in a variety of rounds inspired by popular quiz shows. This format gained a substantial following, and by its 16th episode it had become a weekly publication with the addition of 'podcast punishments' for the loser of the show.'s community were regularly involved in forming the show's content, featuring the hosts answering questions in with answers formed from surveys conducted on the website's forum.[13] After a year 'Back on Topic' podcasts, the podcast was branded 'Free for All' to better suit the podcast's content.[14]

The podcast ceased publication in June 2011,[15] with a special one-off edition being published in December 2012.[16]

Back On Topic

In October 2009, to combat fears that the quizcast was detracting away from the site's purpose, a new podcast began to be published alongside the quizcast, entitled 'Back On Topic'.[17] This would focus on more serious discussion so the quizcast could continue its run. The 'BOTcast' would be released on the Monday that followed the quizcast's Friday release.

The podcast ceased publication in May 2011.[15]


The website features a forum section where members of the staff interact with the website's community, also answering any questions they may have. All questions are answered on the forum under the community section. Previously, the staff would hold a 'Member of the Month' competition, in which a regular member of the website's community were chosen to select a game from the website, however this format has ceased along with monthly podcast competitions. Currently YouTube is being investigated as an alternative to the forums with the hopes of bringing back giveaways and monthly community competitions.

Regular features

While the site is regularly maintained and tweaked, it also has several features that run weekly that give insight to that week in video gaming.


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