Vicente Almeida d'Eça

Vice-Admiral Vicente Manuel de Moura Coutinho de Almeida d'Eça (born July 31, 1918) was the last Governor, then High Commissioner of Portuguese Cape Verde from 1974 to its 1975 independence from Portugal.

d'Eça joined the Portuguese Navy in 1936 as a Cadet and graduated from the Naval Academy 3 years later as an Ensign. His course's patron was Henry the Navigator and this was the first course to attend classes at the new Naval Academy in Alfeite. He was one of the last aviators of the Portuguese Navy and throughout his career he served the Navy in many important and distinguished assignments.

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  1. N.T. Ana Mafalda (27 October 1966 - 5 November 1966)
  2. Captain of the Portuguese Ship Pacheco Pereira ( 27 July 1967 - 15 January 1970)
  3. Captain of the School Number One of the Navy (26 September 1973 - 29 May 1974)
  4. Substitute Captain of Guinea’s Maritime Defence (4 June 1974 to 28 October 1974)



At least twice in his career Almeida d'Eça saved drowning victims. In 1938 while still a cadet he saved a woman who was trying to commit suicide in the Tagus River. In 1944 he rescued a Seaman from drowning in Ponta Delgada/The Azores.

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Gold Medal for Distinguished Services

Preceded by
Henrique Afonso da Silva Horta
Colonial governor of Cape Verde
Succeeded by
became High Commissioner
Preceded by
as (Colonial) Governor
High commissioner of Cape Verde
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post abolished, Cape Verde became independent
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