Vibius Sequester

Vibius Sequester (active in the 4th or 5th century AD) is the Latin author of lists of geographical names.


De fluminibus, fontibus, lacubus, nemoribus, gentibus, quorum apud poëtas mentio fit is made up of seven alphabetical lists of geographical names mentioned by poets, especially Virgil, Ovid and Lucan.

Several of the names do not appear in our copies of the poets; unless this is the result of carelessness or ignorance by the compiler, he must have had access to sources no longer extant.[1]

The lists are:

  1. Flumina (rivers/waterways)
  2. Fontes (sources)
  3. Lacus (lakes)
  4. Nemora (forests)
  5. Paludes (marshes)
  6. Montes (mountains)
  7. Gentes (peoples)


Notes and references

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