Via Popilia

A sector of the Via Popilia (Capua-Rhegium) in the modern province of Reggio Calabria.

The Via Popilia is the name of two different ancient Roman roads begun in the consulship of Publius Popilius Laenas.

The first road was an extension of the Via Flaminia from Ariminum around the north of the Adriatic through the region that later became Venice. The name of this road continues as a street name in modern Rimini, which, as Ariminum, was the junction point between the Via Flaminia from Rome, the Via Aemilia along the edge of the Po valley, and the northern Via Popilia. The second ran from Capua to Rhegium on the Straits of Messina. An archaeological discovery of part of its itinerarium engraved on stone (The Polla Tablet) brought it more fully into the light of history.

Roman bridges

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There are the remains of at least one Roman bridge along the road, which is the Ponte sul Savuto.

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