Venus on Trial

Venus on Trial
Directed by Hans H. Zerlett
Produced by Ottmar Ostermayr
Written by Hans H. Zerlett
Starring Hannes Stelzer
Hansi Knoteck
Paul Dahlke
Siegfried Breuer
Music by Leo Leux
Cinematography Oskar Schnirch
Edited by Gottlieb Madl
Distributed by Bavaria Film
Release dates
4 June 1941
Running time
90 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Venus on Trial (German:Venus vor Gericht) is a 1941 German drama film directed by Hans H. Zerlett and starring Hannes Stelzer, Hansi Knoteck and Paul Dahlke. The film was part of the Nazi's campaign against degenerate art, and depicts the trial of a young artist who has resisted the trend towards it.[1] The film was made by Bavaria Film at their Emelka Studios in Munich.



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