Vardar Statistical Region

Vardar Statistical Region
Вардарски регион
statistical region
Country  Macedonia
  Total 3,995 km2 (1,542 sq mi)
Population (2014)
  Total 153,272
  Density 38/km2 (99/sq mi)

The Vardar Statistical Region (Macedonian: Вардарски регион) is one of eight statistical regions of the Republic of Macedonia. Vardar, located in the central part of Macedonia, borders Greece to the south. Internally, it borders the Pelagonia, Southwestern, Skopje, Southeastern, and Eastern. The Vardar Statistical Region is named after the Vardar River, which runs through the region.


The municipalities of the region

Vardar statistical region is divided into 9 municipalities:


The Vardar Statistical Region is bisected by the Vardar River and is bounded to the south by Greece. The region is flatter than most of the rest of the country.


Map of the largest ethnic groups in the region


The current population of the Vardar Statistical Region is 154,535 citizens, according to the last population census in 2002, making it the least populous of the eight statistical regions.

Census year Population Change
1994 130,793 N/A
2002 154,535 +18.2%


The largest ethnic group in the region is the Macedonians.

Number %
TOTAL 154,535 100
Macedonians 137,520 89.0
Albanians 5,127 3.3
Turks 3,026 2.0
Bosniaks 2,871 1.9
Serbs 1,386 0.9
Roma 1,259 0.8
other 3,346 2.2

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