Vapautettu kuningatar

Vapautettu kuningatar
by Jean Sibelius

The composer in 1904, by Albert Engström
English The Liberated Queen
Catalogue Op. 48
Text by Paavo Cajander
Language Finnish
Composed 1906 (1906)
Performed 8 February 1906 (1906-02-08)
  • mixed chorus
  • orchestra

Vapautettu kuningatar (The Captive Queen[1] or The Liberated Queen[2]), Op. 48, is a composition for mixed chorus and orchestra by Jean Sibelius. He completed the work on a text by Paavo Cajander in 1906.[2]

Vapautettu kuningatar was first performed in Helsinki on 8 February 1906 by the Orchestra of Helsinki Philharmonic Society, conducted by the composer. Sibelius arranged it for men's chorus in 1910. This version was first performed on 28 November 1913 by the Choir of the Students’ Union, conducted by Heikki Klemetti.[2] The work was described as "strong and powerful, showing Sibelius’s dramatic vein".[1]



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