Vanuatuan general election, 2016

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General elections were held in Vanuatu on 22 January 2016. Parliament had been dissolved in 2015 following its failure to approve a government of national unity after the conviction of 14 MPs for bribery, including a former prime minister.[1][2]

Electoral system

The 52 members of Parliament were elected in eight single-member and ten multi-member constituencies by single non-transferable vote. Multi-member constituencies ranged in size from two to seven seats.[3]


A total of 261 candidates contested the elections, including 68 independents and 193 representing 36 political parties.[3]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Vanua'aku Pati13,46311.916–2
Union of Moderate Parties10,9999.736+1
Land and Justice Party8,3767.417+3
National United Party6,1965.4840
People's Progress Party5,4694.841–5
Iauko Group4,9794.404+1
Vanuatu National Development Party4,9424.372New
Vanuatu Presidential Party4,2343.741+1
Namangi Aute3,8873.4430
Natatok Indigenous People's Democratic Party3,0242.671–1
Green Confederation2,8512.522–1
Leaders Party of Vanuatu2,4592.171New
Vanuatu Republican Party1,9751.750–1
Vanuatu Labour Party1,7801.571+1
Vanuatu Liberal Democratic Party1,5651.380–1
Fren Melanesian Party1,4651.301+1
Vanuatu National Party1,2841.140–1
Unity for Change1,2611.120New
Hope Party1,1801.040New
People's Services Party1,0320.9110
Melanesian Progressive Party9920.880–2
Moderate Alliance Party7010.620New
Vanuatu Progressive Development Party5970.530–1
Vanuatu New Vision in Development Party4470.400New
Tafea Moderate Alliance4290.380New
Vanuatu Progressive Republican Farmer Party3550.310New
United Liberation Front3270.2900
Vanuatu Democratic Party3270.2900
Leaders Party for Change3220.280New
Vete Alliance3060.270New
Vanuatu Family First Party2110.1900
Vanuatu Community Reform Party1570.140New
People's Action Party800.0700
Vanuatu United and Equal Rights Part470.040New
Vanuatu Democratic Alliance and Liberation Party for Change80.0100
Invalid/blank votes1,141
Registered voters/turnout200,15957.06
Source: Vanuatu Daily

In the official results, the Melanesian Progressive Party obtained one seat at the Éfaté constituency; however, weeks later the Court ordered a recount of the ballots and awarded the disputed seat to the Land and Justice Party.[4]


On 11 February 2016, Charlot Salwai was elected Prime Minister.[5]


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