Bangiya Sahitya Parishad

Facade of Bangiya Sahitya Parishad building
Bangiya Sahitya Parishad
6 December 1908

Bangiya Sahitya Parishad (Bengali: বঙ্গীয় সাহিত্য পরিষদ) is a literary society in Bengal. Established during the time of the Raj, its goal is to promote Bengali literature, both by translating works in other languages to Bengali and promoting the production of original Bengali literature.


The organisation was founded by L. Leotard and Kshetrapal Chakraborty in 1893. Then it was known as 'The Bengal Academy of Literature'. On 29 April 1894, the name of the society itself was changed to 'Vangiya Sahitya Parishad'. 1894 saw the first officers, with Romesh Chunder Dutt as the first president and Rabindranath Tagore and Navinchandra Sen as vice presidents.[1] That same year saw the first publication of the society's journal, previously in English as most business of the society was, in Bengali. 1900 saw Rabindranath Tagore's brother, Satyendranath Tagore, made President. The society, which moved into its permanent home in 1909, rapidly expanded to over 30 branch offices. Its notable members have included Debendra Prasad Ghosh, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Romesh Chunder Dutt and Ramendra Sundar Tribedi.


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