Valkenburg, South Holland

This article is about the town in South Holland. For the municipality in Limburg, see Valkenburg aan de Geul.

Valkenburg from the Oude Rijn

Coordinates: 52°10′47″N 4°25′54″E / 52.17972°N 4.43167°E / 52.17972; 4.43167Coordinates: 52°10′47″N 4°25′54″E / 52.17972°N 4.43167°E / 52.17972; 4.43167
Country Netherlands
Limburg Limburg
Municipality Katwijk
Population (2006) 3,900
Location of former municipality Valkenburg.

Valkenburg (population: 3,900[1] in 2006) is a village and former municipality in the province of South Holland, in the western Netherlands. Valkenburg is now part of the municipality Katwijk.

On 1 January 2006, Valkenburg and Rijnsburg were merged into the new municipality Katwijk. The former municipality of Valkenburg had about 3878 inhabitants (1 June 2005) and a surface area of 15.74 km² (6.08 mile²) of which 0.23 km² (0.09 mile²) is water.

On the second Wednesday in September there is a horse market, the oldest in the Netherlands.[2] 2010 marked its 1066th year of operation.

The former military airbase, which was situated here since 1936, was closed in 2006.


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