Valdai speech of Vladimir Putin

Putin talks to Valdai Club, Sochi city, 24 October 2014
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The Valdai speech of Vladimir Putin is a press-coined name for the speech that the Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered at the Valdai International Discussion Club XI session on 24 October 2014, in Sochi City.

The overall meeting's theme was "The World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules?" [1] The controversial speech focused on modern global politics. Many analysts considered it a follow-up to Putin's 2007 Munich speech, where he began to outline his views on world order.

The initial 40-minute speech was followed by a lengthy press-conference, where Putin answered questions, and made additional remarks that attracted heavy media attention.[2]


The Presidential Press Service website published the transcript of Putin's words, and emphasized the following quotations:[3]


Financial Times called the speech "one of most important foreign policy statements".[2] Reuters wrote that, "Putin accuses United States of damaging world order".[4]

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