Vakhushti Khan Orbeliani

Vakhushti Khan (d. 1667/69) was a Safavid official and gholam from the Georgian Orbeliani clan, who served as the governor (hakem) of Shushtar from September 1632 up to his death in 1667 or 1669. His descendants continued to flourish in Shushtar well into Nader Shah's era. (r. 1736–1747).[1]

Vakhushti was a son of the Georgian nobleman Aslamaz.[2] He had two other brothers named Otar and Gorjasbi who would occupy high ranks as well.[3] According to Alexander Orbeliani (1802–1869), he had one more brother named Kaykhosrow.[4] He was a close relative of Shah Navaz Khan (Vakhtang V) his wife Rodam.[5] The second son of Vakhushti, Aslamas (also known as Aslan), became governor (beglarbeg) of Kandahar in 1694–95,[6] or 1697, until the end of the year 1697.[7]


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Preceded by
Aqa Moharram
Governor of Shushtar
September 1632–1667/69
Succeeded by
Fath 'Ali Khan
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