Vĩnh Thuận District

Vĩnh Thuận District
Huyện Vĩnh Thuận
Rural district
Country  Vietnam
Region Mekong Delta
Province Kien Giang
Capital Vinh Thuan
  Total 235 sq mi (608 km2)
Population (2003)
  Total 133,539
Time zone UTC + 7 (UTC+7)

Vĩnh Thuận is a rural district of Kien Giang province in the Mekong River Delta region of Vietnam. As of 2003 the district had a population of 133,539.[1] The district covers an area of 608 km². The district capital lies at Vinh Thuan.[1]

Together with An Bien and An Minh district that called U Minh Thượng, is the most southern district of Kien Giang Province. And as although a Kien Giang province's district, but it is nearer for going to Ca Mau city (40 km) than to Rach Gia City (80 km).

Vinh Thuan is bounded by An Minh& An Bien District in the West, Go Quao District in the North, Phuoc Long District (Bac Lieu province) in the South-east, and Thoi Binh District (Ca Mau province) in the South.

As not bounded by the sea, Vinh Thuan's main products are agricultural products such as rice, sugar-cane, pineapple, etc. However, as with other districts in the region, the aquaculture movement (shrimp feeding) has been started on endless low-productivity salted water fields in recent years. And now, shrimp is becoming as one of the most important source of income of the people there.

Based on the center of U Minh Thượng region, "Hồ Hoa Mai" (Apricot) Ecological Tourist Area is a destination for travellers. From high watch-towers, you can see the Apricot-shape Lake, and interminable green cajuput (in Vietnamese is cây tràm-the most popular tree in the region which forms extensive forests) forest surrounding below. Beautifying to this are thousands of spotless white storks flying around.

The center of district, Vinh Thuan town, lies on the Cái Lớn river which flows over from Vi Thanh Province to Ca Mau Province (the part flowing through Thoi Binh District, Ca Mau province called Song Trem (Trem river) which was famous for the novel named "Ben Dong Song Trem"). Thanks to the Ca Mau Natural Electrical Plant, this river plays an important role in river traffic of the region.


The district is divided into communes:


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Coordinates: 9°34′59″N 105°10′01″E / 9.583°N 105.167°E / 9.583; 105.167

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