Ussuri krai

Ussuri krai (Russian: Уссури́йский край) is an unofficial name for a part of Primorsky Krai and Khabarovsky Krai that consisted of Ussuri and South-Ussuri Okrugs. The name was often used in late Imperial Russia. The name comes from the fact that Ussuri River is located on the territory of the krai.

Through the efforts of the Russian governor Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky the Qing Dynasty of China conceded its rights to the territory to Russia in 1858. This decision was officially documented in the Beijing Treaty (1860).

In 1889-1918 Ussuri krai was the location of the Ussuri Cossack Host. It was re-established in the 1990s.

National Geographic Channel represented the film named "Secret Forest" as the part of the cycle "Wild Russia" which describes the natural reserves of Ussuri Krai.

Coordinates: 44°00′00″N 133°00′00″E / 44.0000°N 133.0000°E / 44.0000; 133.0000

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