Urwah ibn Mas'ud

Urwah ibn Mas'ud (Arabic: عروة بن مسعود) was a Thaqif'i chieftain of Taif who became a companion of Muhammad. He was one of the first people from his tribe to accept Islam, and he was killed by his fellow chieftains while preaching Islam in his home city.

He was one of the notables of Arabia who entered the negotiations regarding the peace of Hudaybiyah on behalf of Quraysh. He said, "I have visited the kings of Persia, Rome and Abyssinia, but I have not seen any leader more revered and respected by his people than Muhammad . If he ordered them to do anything, they do it without delay. If he performs Wudu (Ablution) they all seek the remainder of the water he used. They never look at him in the eyes, out of respect."

By his wife Amina bint Abi Sufyan, he had a son named Dawud ibn Urwah,[1] who married his maternal cousin, Habibah binte Ubayd-Allah.[2]

In a hadith reported in Sahih Muslim, Muhammad mentions that 'Isa (Jesus) resembles Urwah ibn Mas'ud.[3] closest in appearance. By descriptions of 'Isa attributed to Muhammed, this would indicate reddish complexion, moderate height and curly, flowing hair.

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