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Launched 2000

Upperstall.com is a web site on Indian cinema that focuses on classic and independent Indian cinema and its luminaries. It is owned and run by Karan Bali, Saumil Gandhi and Karan Anshuman and launched on 7 July 2000, heralding the 104th anniversary of the first ever motion picture screenings in India. In 2004, Richard Corliss of Time (magazine) gave it an 'Honorable mention' of 'Best Movie Website'.[1]

Upperstall.com's current and classic film analyses cater to more serious film buffs and enthusiasts. The web site is continually updated with its trademark reviews of current Hindi and regional language films. Upperstall.com's analytical re-reviews of classic films are among its most popular reads. The site is free and accessible to all, requiring no registration and is often used as a reference site by Universities and others.[2]


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