Upotte! manga cover as released by Kadokawa Shoten, featuring the main protagonist, Funco.
Genre Action, comedy
Written by Kitsune Tennouji
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōnen, Seinen
Magazine Young Ace
4-Koma Nano Ace
Shōnen Ace
Original run 2009 – present
Volumes 7
Original net animation
Directed by Takao Kato
Written by Naruhisa Arakawa
Studio Xebec
Licensed by
Released April 8, 2012 June 9, 2012
Episodes 10 + OVA

Upotte!! (うぽって!!) is a Japanese manga series by Kitsune Tennouji which began serialization in July 2009. An original net animation (ONA) series by Xebec was streamed on Nico Nico Douga and Crunchyroll between April and June 2012.[1][2][3] The series started airing on Japanese television in July 2012.[4] Its title comes from reverse-spelling of 鉄砲 (てっぽう, Teppou?, gun(s)).


The series takes place at a school known as Seishou Academy. Unlike an average school, all the students are actually anthropomorphized guns, training to one day become a useful weapon, and is divided up into elementary school (sub-machine guns), middle school (assault rifles), and high school (Battle rifles/sniper rifles). They are capable of drawing the weapons they represent from out of thin air and using them, and any student or her manifested gun can suffer from any gun-related problem the other might have. All students in Seishou train to shoot their target (literally) using live ammunition. The series mainly focuses on an FN FNC assault rifle nicknamed Funco and her friends with their human teacher.


The main characters as they appear in the anime adaptation. From left to right: Ichiroku, Elle, Funco and Sig.

Assault Rifle Class

Funco (ふんこ Funko)
Voiced by: Iori Nomizu (Japanese); Genevieve Simmons[5] (English)
The main heroine, an energetic girl, who is a Belgian FN FNC and is often displeased to be nicknamed Funco (even in class register). Her real name is Efensee and she is the younger sister of Fal. As the real FNC has a skeleton stock, she wears a thong instead of panties, much to her embarrassment and occasional anger. Ever since their first meeting, she has displayed an affection towards her homeroom teacher, though the feelings are one-sided.
Ichiroku (いちろく Ichiroku)
Voiced by: Misuzu Togashi (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski[5] (English)
Funco's best friend, who nicknames her Fukko (ふッこ Fukko) due to a spelling mistake. She has an energetic personality and a foul mouth with Osaka dialect, but is very kind. She is an American M16A4 assault rifle (her name literally means "one" and "six") and has a large number of fans, as she is usually photographed for the cover of specialized gun magazines. In non-combat action, she tends to rapidly alternate between bursts of activity and sudden rests, relating to her namesake's three-round burst fire only capacity. She is Ichihachi's own sister, who was adopted by the Colt family, and Ichiyon's younger foster sister-in-law.
Sig (しぐ Shigu)
Voiced by: Kaori Sadohara (Japanese); Emily Neves[5] (English)
Another close friend of Funco. She is a Swiss SIG SG 550 assault rifle. Her grades are top notch and she's an honor student, but a bit out of it at times. She sports exceptional firing accuracy at mid-to-long-range (using improved 5.56×45mm GP90 rounds instead of standard 5.56×45mm NATO rounds) and able to survive in freezing temperature (similar to real SG 550), and doesn't like to lose. She appears to have feelings for Funco and gets jealous when others get close to her.
Elle (える Eru)
Voiced by: Misato (Japanese); Nancy Novotny[5] (English)
Another close friend of Funco and Ichiroku's roommate. She is a British L85A1 assault rifle (her name stands for the letter "L" in her weapon's name). Shy and clumsy, she has an unreliable nature and the habit of breaking a lot, but is very enduring for the sake of her friends, just like her namesake gun. She idolizes Funco's elder sister Fal.
Ichihachi (いちはち Ichihachi)
Voiced by: Aya Gōda (Japanese); Juliet Simmons[5] (English)
Funco's roommate (Funco nicknames her Hach-chan) and Ichiroku's own sister, who stayed with the failed Armalite family. She is a Japan-made American AR-18 assault rifle (her name literally means "one" and "eight"). She is often troubled by her loose pants as a result of the real AR-18, which has a loose stock.
Sako (サコ)
Voiced by: Madoka Yamanaka (Japanese); Maggie Flecknoe[5] (English)
A transfer student and rather vicious control freak determined to defeat Ichiroku in the mock battle. She is a Finnish SAKO Rk 95 Tp assault rifle. Following the mock battle tournament, she has taken a liking to Funco and has even taken her first kiss then Sako leaves the school. She has elf-like ears.
Galil (ガリル Gariru)
Voiced by: Mariko Honda (Japanese); Beth Lazarou[5] (English)
Another transfer student and Sako's partner. She is an Israeli Galil AR, and just like Sako, she harbors a rivalry towards Ichiroku as both are variants of an old enemy of hers, the AK 47. After losing the mock battle, she decides to stay at the school despite Sako's departure becoming quite fond of Ichihachi who helped her on that time. She also has blue fox ears and a tail. She is sometimes nicknamed "Miss Kitty", mostly by Ichiroku.
Agu (あぐ Agu)
Voiced by: Shizuka Furuya (Japanese); Molly Searcy[5] (English)
Member of the student council. She is an Austrian Steyr AUG A1 and just like her namesake weapon can change barrels for different uses, Agu has two personalities: one with short hair, timid and friendly and another with long hair that is aggressive and imposing. Both personalities have their own issues regarding Funco, and while one is too shy to approach her, the other usually leaves her scared.
Tei (てい)
Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi (Japanese); Tiffany Grant[5] (English)
Agu's close friend who supports her in confessing her feelings for Funco. She is a Taiwanese T91 and is usually nicknamed "Fountain" by Ichiroku because of the multiple pigtails she wears throughout her hair.
Voiced by: Yuiko Tatsumi (Japanese); Cynthia Martinez[5] (English)
She is an Argentine FARA 83 assault rifle.
Voiced by: Mariya Ise (Japanese); Kendall McClellan (English)
She is a Spanish CETME Model L assault rifle.
Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjou (Japanese); Allison Sumrall[5] (English)
She is a Singaporean SR 88 assault rifle.
Voiced by: Satomi Satou (Japanese); Beth Lazarou[5] (English)
She is a Singaporean SAR 21 assault rifle. She has a crush on the Human teacher.
Chuthree (ちゅーすり Chūsuri)
Voiced by: Chinatsu Akasaki
She is a German HK33E assault rifle and Jeethree's younger sister. She is often nicknamed "Chuthree" after her sister (claimed to be failed derivative of G3), which annoys her, while Ichihachi calls her "Mimi" after the two 3s in her name.
Emthree (Emusuri)
She is a Benelli M3 shotgun and member of the student council.
Emfour (Emuforu)
Vice-president of the student council, she is a M4A1 assault rifle.
An Italian Beretta SC70/90 assault rifle. During the trip to the beach, she sets some schemes to get close to Genkoku, much to Funco's jealousy.
Type 89
She is a Japanese Howa Type 89 assault rifle. Having a timid demeanor, she can't leave Japan just like her fellow rifle Type 64, for being exclusively designed for use of the JSDF.

Battle/Sniper Rifle Class

Main characters of the Battle Rifle class. From left to right: Jeethree, Fal and Ichiyon.
Faru (ふぁる Faru)
Voiced by: Mina (Japanese); Shondra Marie[5] (English)
Funco's elder sister. She is an English-made L1A1 battle rifle (named as FAL L1A1 in manga and anime, not to be confused with the original Belgian FN FAL). The natural leader of her class, Fal has it all: excellent grades, popularity, and beauty. In the manga, Fal is almost destroyed during the mission to rescue the Modern Literature Teacher from Red Steel High, and despite the broken parts were replaced, the bolt, the part of her body containing all her previous memories, is still in possession of Akagane, which she uses as a leverage against Funco and the others.
Ichiyon (いちよん Ichiyon)
Voiced by: Saeko Zōgō (Japanese); Kara Greenberg (English)
Ichiroku's elder sister-in-law from the Springfield Armory family and Fal's roommate. She is an American M14 battle rifle (her name literally means "one" and "four"). She has a tomboyish personality: beautiful if she stays quiet, but she's often crude and rowdy. She has an ear for corny jokes, which she perceives as coming off silky smooth, but in reality have a husky delivery that annoys the other characters.
Jeethree (じーすり Jīsuri)
Voiced by: Mami Kosuge (Japanese); Chelsea Ryan McCurdy (English)
Jeethree is a German G3A3 battle rifle. Despite her strict appearance, she is actually very caring. She has lots of little sisters in the Submachine Class, and an effective but embarrassing posture that improves her full-auto shooting capability without worrying much about the recoil. Her sniping skill is top class, and she often wears dark pantyhose.
Type 64
She is a Japanese Howa Type 64 battle rifle. Having a dignified air and usually seen in a kimono, she can't leave Japan just like her fellow rifle Type 89, for being exclusively designed for use of the JSDF.

Submachine Gun Class

Empi (えむぴ Emupi)
Voiced by: Chika Horikawa (Japanese); Brittany Djie[5] (English)
She is a German MP5A2 submachine gun and one of Jeethree's younger sisters. Despite Jeethree having several sisters, Empee seems to be the favorite one. Also nickenamed Chithree (Chi for Chibi, a little Jeethree). Her elementary sisters family consists of MP5K, UMP45, MP7 (who happens to have the same vs Uzi rivalry towards FN P90, HK53)
Emten (えむてん Emuten)
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese); Britanny Deans (English)
She is an American MAC-10 (M-10) submachine gun. Similar to her namesake gun that can shoot rapidly, she talks rapidly in one stroke, leaving her out of breath afterwards.
Gossan (ごっさん Gossan)
Voiced by: Kayoko Tsumita (Japanese); Genevieve Simmons (English)
She is a German HK53 submachine gun (her name literally means "five" and "three"). Just like her namesake gun (a submachine gun designed to fire assault rifle rounds), she is much taller and look much older than her classmates.
Uzi (ウージー Ūjī)
She is an Israeli Uzi submachine gun and Empi's self-proclaimed rival.
She is an Austrian Steyr TMP and Aug's younger sister. Due to being a stockless submachine gun, she has the habit of wearing no panties, and just like her older sister, she idolizes Funco.

Red Steel High School

The leader of the Akagnekou Group. She is a Soviet AK-47
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki (Japanese); Margaret McDonald (English)
She is a Soviet AK-74 assault rifle, a school leader.
She is a Russian AN-94 assault rifle, wounded by Sig at the Battle of Atami.
She is a Polish Kbk wz. 1988 Tantal assault rifle.
Type 86S
She is a Chinese Type 86S assault rifle, wounded by Elle at the Battle of Atami.
Voiced by: Akemi Kanda (Japanese); Tiffany Grant (English)
She is a Russian Saiga 12K shotgun.
She is a Soviet Dragunov SVD sniper rifle.
She is a Russian PP-19 submachine gun.


Modern Literature Teacher (現国 Genkoku)
Voiced by: Takayuki Kondo (Japanese); David Matranga (English)
Homeroom teacher for Funco and the others, and the only human character other than the Colonel at Red Steel High, whose real name is unknown. He was appointed to Seishou Academy unaware about the girls' nature. He usually comes into some misunderstandings with Funco (usually regarding her underwear), leaving him at the receiving end of her anger, but Funco cares about him and sometimes dreams about being chosen as his personal weapon. Later it is revealed that he is a descendant of John Moses Browning and despite not having any knowledge of firearms designing like his ancestor, he is kidnapped by the students of Red Steel High School for unknown reasons.
Ms. Fujiko (ふじこ先生 Fujiko-sensei)
Voiced by: Yuu Asakawa (Japanese); Shelley Calene-Black[5] (English)
A teacher of the Battle rifle class, she is a German FG 42 battle rifle. She has heterochromia and wears on eye patch on her right eye. Due to her usual appearance being similar to a WWII German Wehrmacht serviceman, more leaning to the Paratrooper division, even the Japanese Teacher didn't recognize her when she removes her eyepatch and loosens her hair on one occasion.
Ms. Thompson (トンプソン先生 Tonpuson-sensei)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese); Cynthia Martinez (English)
A teacher of the submachine gun class, she is an American Thompson submachine gun and a very easy-going personality. In the anime, it is noted that she speaks Japanese with a slight American accent. She is also photographed for the cover of specialized gun magazines.
Headmaster Springfield (スプリングフィールド校長 Supuringufīrudo Kōchō)
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake (Japanese); Jovan Jackson[5] (English)
The principal of Seishou Academy. He is a M1903 Springfield Rifle and the only one who knew of Genkoku's ancestry when he started working at the school.
Professor Garand (ガーランド教官 Gārando Kyōkan)
Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese); Andrew Love[5] (English)
The main instructor at Seishou Academy, usually seen as a WW2 era USMC Drill Instructor. He is an M1 Garand Rifle. He was one of the few people that knew the Human teachers true name.
Ms. Erma (エルマ先生 Eruma-sensei)
The teacher responsible for the submachine class' dorm. She is a German MP40 submachine gun and is named after the shortage for Erfurter Maschinenfabrik, where the MP40 was originally produced.
Ms. Mire (Mire-sensei)
Voiced by: Aya Endo
She is a French MAS 49 (Modele 1949 or Mle.1949) rifle and she is a librarian.
Ms. Esuku (エスク先生 Esuku-sensei)
Voiced by: Fuyuka Oura (Japanese); Maggie Flecknoe (English)
The school nurse. She is a Swiss SIG SK46 semi-automatic rifle, a successor to the bolt-action K31.



The original manga by Kitsune Tennouji began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten's Young Ace magazine from July 4, 2009, before moving over to Shōnen Ace from June 2011. A 4-Koma titled "Upotte Nano" also runs in 4-Koma Nano Ace.


An original net animation series by Xebec was streamed on Nico Nico Douga and Crunchyroll between April 8, 2012 and June 9, 2012, also streaming on the Anime Network from May 9, 2012. A television broadcast of the series began in July 2012. The opening theme is "I.N.G." by Iori Nomizu, Misuzu Togashi, Kaori Sadohara and Misato under name "Sweet Arms" while the ending theme is "Calendar" (ひめくり Himekuri) by Kaori Sadohara. The anime has been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks.[6]

A Blu-ray containing an extra episode of the anime series will be bundled with limited editions of the fourth volume of the manga series to be released in October 13, 2012.

Episode list

No. Title Original airdate
1 "Grip and Hold!"
"Nigitte Tamotte" (にぎって たもって) 
April 8, 2012
A Japanese man travels to Seishou Academy to begin his new job as a modern lit teacher. He soon learns that all the students are this school are anthropomorphic assault rifles trained to perfect their weaponry, and he soon finds himself hospitalized after getting on the wrong side of FN FNC rifle, Funco. 
2 "Go for it! Pass it!"
"Kibatte Ukatte" (きばって うかって) 
April 15, 2012
Funco, Ichiroku and Elle of the Assault Rifle Class are challenged to a battle by their seniors in the Battle Rifle Class. 
3 "Wash and Scrub!"
"Aratte Kosutte" (あらって こすって) 
April 22, 2012
The Japanese Teacher finds out a bit more about Funco and the other assault rifles and battle rifles. Later, the assault rifles takes the submachine guns out for volunteer work, which brings up the subject of the sad history of L85A1. 
4 "Sing! Compete!"
"Utatte Kisotte" (うたって きそって) 
April 29, 2012
The Annual Seishou Academy Team Battle is commencing soon, Ichiroku has a bone to pick with her partner Elle and is being menaced by the two new transfer students; the Kalashnikov-derived assault rifles, SAKO Rk 95 Tp and Galil, who are her main opponents in the Team Battle. 
5 "Graze it! Beat it!!"
"Kasutte Sakatte!!" (かすって さかって!!) 
May 6, 2012
The team battle begins and Ichiroku advances to the final match by herself while Elle is convinced by Sig to remember their friendship and lend a hand to her. Sako shows her merciless and sadistic side while confronting Funco in the semi-finals, much to the anger of her friends. 
6 "Take it! Hurry!"
"Ubatte Asette" (うばって あせって) 
May 13, 2012
To avenge Funco and Sig, Ichiroku and Elle have their face off against Sako and Galil in the final match. After the team battle ends, Funco's classmate AUG tries to overcome her shyness to get closer to her. 
7 "Be Afraid! Visit!"
"Burutte Mimatte" (ぶるって みまって) 
May 20, 2012
Winter comes and Funco and her friends play together in the snow, leading to an accident that ends with the Japanese Teacher becoming sick at home. Funco pays a visit to him to help him get better. 
8 "Take a Look! Scold Someone!"
"Mawatte Shikatte" (まわって しかって) 
May 27, 2012
The girls of the Assault Rifle class organize a maid café for the upcoming school festival. However, all their work is destroyed during a shootout between Ichiroku and her elder sister Ichiyon. When all hope seems lost, the Japanese Teacher encourages his students to work overnight to have everything ready in time. 
9 "Burn Up! Go Mad!"
"Moyatte Ikatte" (もやって いかって) 
June 2, 2012
The girls go on a class trip to a coastal town. They spend the day playing on the beach, exploring the town and relaxing in the baths. While heading to the shops, 18, Galil and G3's younger sister Hk33E are mysteriously shot down. As Ichiroku deduces the assailants are targeting her, Funco and the Japanese teacher also come under attack, but are safe thanks to the arrival of the others. As the assailants leave behind a message, declaring a war against the Western guns will begin at midnight, several explosions occur around the town. 
10 "And then! Upotte!"
"Demotte Upotte" (でもって うぽって) 
June 9, 2012
Funco, Ichiroku, Eru and Sig accept the challenge and depart to confront the assailants. Sako, who was informed of the situation by Galil, appears to join them. The girls have a fierce fight throughout the city until Funco comes face to face with the enemy leader, the AK74. Genkoku tries to stand between them, but is shot by AK74, much to Funco's anger. However, Genkoku recovers from his wounds as guns can not truly harm anyone when not used by people. In the end, AK74 and her crew decide to withdraw, vowing to return another day, and the girls get back to the academy along their beloved human teacher. 
OVA "Behold! Laugh!"
"Miatte Waratte" (みあって わらって) 
October 13, 2012
Funco, Ichiroku, Elle and Sig go on a camping trip in the mountains where they do some fishing in the river, smash a watermelon and relax in a hot spring. Later as the girls turn in for the night, Funco and Sig make a promise that they'll always be together. 


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