Upido [1][2]
Breed Dutch Warmblood
Sire Ferro
Grandsire Ulft
Dam Iphÿn
Maternal grandsire Amethist
Sex Stallion
Foaled 2001, The Netherlands
Country The Netherlands
Colour Bay with white blaze and white socks on front left and rear left
Breeder Chris ter Laak
Owner Anky van Grunsven
Trainer Anky van Grunsven

IPS Upido (formerly Upido T-CL) is a horse ridden by the Dutch equestrian Anky van Grunsven in the sport of dressage.

Breeding and Early Years

Upido was bred by Dutchman Chris ter Laak in Heelsum, The Netherlands. Chris sold Upido when he was one and a half years old to the Spanish rider Carlos Torrell. Torrell raised and trained Upido and showed him on the national and international circuit. Upido and Torrel won the Spanish Championship for Six Year Olds in 2007 and placed as Reserve Champion on the Small Tour in 2008.[3] Upido made his Grand Prix debut in 2010 on the Sunshine Tour.[4]

Move to van Grunsven

In January 2011 the Dutch I.P.S. Horse Group purchased Upido for Anky van Grunsven with the explicit goal to have her ride him at the 2012 London Olympics.[5] While Upido made great progress with van Grunsven, an injury slowed his training and she felt he would not be ready to compete at the top level at the Olympics. She chose to ride her two time gold medalist Salinero instead.[6] Upon her return from London, van Grunsven said she was completely focused on the 2016 Olympics in Rio and had already resumed training with Upido.[7]


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Carlos Torrel training Upido

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