Unrest (film)

Directed by Jason Todd Ipson
Produced by Adam Lebovitz
Julio Bove
Jason Todd Ipson
Written by Chris Billett
Jason Todd Ipson
Starring Corri English
Scot Davis
Joshua Alba
Jay Jablonski
Marisa Petroro
Derrick O'Connor
Reb Fleming
Edited by Mike Saenz
Distributed by After Dark Films
Freestyle Releasing LLC
Release dates
  • 2006 (2006)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Unrest is an independent horror film. It was shown at the horror film festival 8 Films To Die For during the 2006 fall season.

At the 2006 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival it was awarded Best Picture for Horror, and the lead actress, Corri English, won Best Actress.


The film revolves around a cadaver who seems to bring misfortune on those who come in contact with it.

Although there is very little corporeal manifestation of the ghosts, people seem to die when they enrage the spirit which is linked with a special cadaverby disrespecting it or otherwise. The story takes place mostly inside a hospital, where a young medical student, Alison Blanchard, comes to learn anatomy. By observing the cadaver she was assigned, she discovers that the body had self-inflicted wounds and also had a child. She soon discovers that there is something wrong with the cadaver, which they have nicknamed "Norma." Mysterious deaths occur in the hospital, which include the fiancee of one of Allison's team members and several hospital employees.

It is revealed that the cadaver is a person named Alita Covas, who once led an archaeological expedition on an Aztec sacrificial site. There she uncovered 50,000 bodies which were offered to Tlazolteotl, the Aztec god of fertility and prostitution. Afterwards, she herself became a prostitute, and started showing symptoms of mental imbalance. Later in her life, she committed murders and was subsequently put in a mental asylum where she diedpresumably by her own hand.

Once Alison learns of the true nature of the cadaver, she decides the corpse must return to Brazil to satisfy the Aztec god. After a series of gruesome events, Alison and her classmate/love interest take Alita's now dismembered corpse and cremate her in the hospital. In the end, Alison heads to Brazil to spread the ashes in an attempt to put the spirit at rest; however, it is suggested in the final scene that the spirit remains in the hospital.




The film was shot in a real morgue, where the cast experienced some haunting dreams. The trailer claims that real bodies were used. However, this is not the first film to use real bodies. In the 1982 film Poltergeist, in the scene where the mother falls into the pool and the skeletons attack her, the skeletons used were real, and were buried in the spot of the set. Likewise, in the 1987 Hong Kong film Men Behind the Sun, a genuine child's body was used for an autopsy scene.

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