University of the Republic of San Marino

University of the Republic of San Marino
Università degli Studi di San Marino
Type National University
Established 1985
Rector Professor Corrado Petrocelli
Location Montegiardino, San Marino
Website Official Website

The University of the Republic of San Marino (in Italian: Università degli Studi di San Marino) is a university based in Montegiardino in the Republic of San Marino. It was created in 1985.


Following the academic reorganization which took place in 2014 after the approval the same year of new framework legislation on academic education in San Marino, the university has been divided in 3 departments:

Previously, there were 6 departments:

Its library has more than 30,000 books.

Academic profile

Undergraduate courses

The university offers three undergraduate programmes:

Postgraduate courses

The university offers a number of postgraduate courses, most of which in collaboration with other universities:

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  1. Despite the name, it is a qualification roughly equivalent to a postgraduate diploma.

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