University of Sannio

University of Sannio
Università degli Studi del Sannio
Type State-supported
Established 1998
Rector Prof. Filippo Bencardino
Location Benevento, Italy
Sports teams CUS Benevento
Affiliations Cineca

The University of Sannio (Italian: Università degli Studi del Sannio, UNISANNIO) is a university located in Benevento, Italy. Founded in 1998 (being previously a part of the University of Salerno), The University of Sannio is a modern and dynamic institution in constant evolution. It is a significant part of Benevento, a small town that offers a pleasant studying environment. With almost 8.000 students, the university gives the town a youthful spirit and vibrant atmosphere. It is organized in 4 Faculties and offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the fields of Law, Statistics, the Environment, Geology, Biology, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Energy Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Economics and Business Organization, always aiming for a very high qualification.


The University of Sannio began as a part of the University of Salerno. Initially, it was included in the four-year plan 1986-90. Through Rectorial decrees on September 10, 1990 the following departments were set up: the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (now Faculty of Economics) with the degree courses of Banking Economics, Financial Economics, Insurance Economics, and Statistics, the Faculty of Engineering with a degree course in Computer Engineering. In the three-year plan 1991-93, the Faculty of Science was set up with additional degree courses in Biology and Geology.

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences was managed by a Technical committee until 31 October 1994. The Faculty of Engineering was managed by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salerno. Since November 1, 1994 both Faculties have had an autonomous Faculty Board.

The Consortium for the Promotion of Culture and University Studies has contributed to the implementation of the University in Benevento and is still playing a major part in its promotion. This organisation was established in 1987 by the Chamber of Commerce, the Province of Benevento and the Town Hall of Benevento. Successively, other public Institutions have joined the Consortium. With the Ministerial Decree n.1524, of 29 December 1997, the University of Sannio was officially recognized and became autonomous as from 1 January 1998.

Since 2005, the University of Sannio is a partner of the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change (CMCC).

The University of Sannio is divided into 4 Faculties:

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