University of Batna

University of Batna
Type Public
Established 1977
Students 19,000
Location Batna, Algeria

The University of Batna (French: Université de Batna, also named Université Colonel Hadj Lakhdar, Arabic: جامعة باتنة) is a public university in the city of Batna, Algeria. It was created in 1977. It has four faculties and over 19,000 students.


When the university was created, it started with two institutes, Law sciences and Arabic Literature and Language. It later gained two other institutes including Economic sciences, and Agronomy.

In 1985 the university was reorganized under a new administrative structure called INES (National Institutes of High Education), and in 1990, it was again replaced by many institutes, each of which contains many departments.

In 2001, it was reorganized to a set of faculties with its departments. The new and the most important site of the university, located in the southern area of the city of Batna, has four faculties, the central library and many infrastructures.

The Head of the university is Pr. Abdesselem Dhif

Faculties and departments

Human Sciences

Sections are:


Created in 1980, the faculty of Economic Sciences has 4650 students.

Social and Islamic Sciences

The Faculty of Social and Islamic Sciences was created in 1998 by transferring the National Institute of Islamic Sciences to a faculty belonging to the University of Batna. The idea of establishing this national institute started in 1980 under the leadership of Abidi Mouhamed Tahar called Hadj Lakhdar, one of the leaders of The Algerian Revolutionary War. It includes the following sections :


The Law Sciences faculty was established in 1998 according to act number 213-89. The faculty includes three sections :

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