University of Annaba

Badji Mokhtar University, Annaba (UBMA)
جامعة باجي مختار, عنابة
Type Public
Established 1975
Students 45,985
Undergraduates 42,446
Postgraduates 3539
Location Annaba, Algeria
Nickname UBMA

The Badji Mokhtar University (Arabic: جامعة باجي مختار), also called Annaba University or UBMA, is located in Annaba, on the north eastern coast of Algeria.

It is founded in 1975 and is organized into 7 faculties.


The university has 45000 students, 2210 lecturers, and 1900 administrative and support staff. UBMA offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Every year over 8,000 national and international graduate and postgraduate students choose the university for study. UBMA is involved in bilateral exchange agreements.


Faculties are:


The university campus is located over four districts in Annaba:

Student housing

According to Algerian law dormitories are free, there are around 13 which are co-administered between the university and the National Office of Universities. They are near the four campuses in Annaba. All the students who study there (except those who live in Annaba), have the priority to have accommodation, with priority to foreign students .

Cooperation and partnerships

Annaba University is a member of international networks, associations and agencies such as:

UBMA has international partnerships for research and exchange programmes with:

Alumni and Student Association

There's no official Student Organization representing the University of Annaba (the most notable unofficial Alumni Group is Annaba University Alumni.

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