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Universitas is a student newspaper in Oslo, Norway, published since 1946. With a weekly circulation of 17,000, Universitas is one of Europe's largest student newspapers. It is distributed on campuses of institutions of higher learning, that are affiliated with the Student Welfare Organisation in Oslo. The newspaper is considered as student welfare, and is partly paid for by the students' semester fee. Universitas is published both in Norwegian and English (the Internet edition). The newspaper's principles state that Universitas is a newspaper made by students, for students. The publication's first editor was the to-be professor in literature and Henrik Ibsen expert, Daniel Haakonsen.

In the early years, Universitas had an editorial council, where professor names like Arne Næss and Ragnar Frisch figured. In more recent years, many profiles from Norwegian media has started their careers in the newspaper, including Øystein Sørensen, Kjetil Rolness, Ivar Hippe and Tor Edvin Dahl. Many illustrators also began drawing for Universitas: Ellen Auensen, Christopher Nielsen, Mikael Holmberg, Ola A. Hegdal and Karine Haaland.

Today, Universitas is produced by a staff led by the full-time engaged chief editor and the assisting editor. Part-time working section chiefs have responsibility for their respective working area (photo editor, chief of news section, chief of culture section, chief of feature section, debates editor, editor of Internet publication, editor of reviews section). About 25 journalists and photographers work on a regular basis, paid per contribution. Universitas is published in study semesters. Aside from editorial staff, an administrative director and a sales director work in Universitas.

In 1990, the paper again boosted the publishing rate and became a weekly (in semesters); it had given out 9-16 editions per year since 1954. In 2004, it went up from 32 to 34 editions per year, and from 2009, it will publish 35 editions per year. The circulation is 17,000 copies.

Universitas receive funding from the Student Welfare Organisation in Oslo, granted through the Welfare Council, which is a welfare body put together by the local student democracies at institutions affiliated to the Student Welfare Organisation. Universitas is consequently distributed to all institutions affiliated to the Student Welfare Organisation, that is: the University of Oslo, the Norwegian School of Management (BI), the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH), the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), the MF Norwegian School of Theology (MF), the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) and the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH).

The newspaper headquarters at Blindern.

The chief editor is employed for one calendar year. Chief editor in 2009 is Aksel Kjær Vidnes. Every semester Universitas employs journalists, photographers and designers. Administrative director since autumn 2002 has been Camilla Svendsen Skriung and chair board leder in 2008-2010 is Haakon Riekeles. The newspaper's location is in Moltke Moes vei at Blindern, the main campus of the University of Oslo.


1946 Daniel Haakonsen
1947 Daniel Haakonsen 1-8, Arnljot Strømme Svendsen 9-12, Roald Storsletten 13-23
1948 Roald Storsletten
1949 Roald Storsletten
1950 Roald Storsletten 1-28, Olav Bø 28-29
1951 Olav Bø 1-27, 30-35; Thor Hedberg 28-29 (mens O Bø var på repøvelse)
1952 Ingmund Ofstad 1-19 (pt ansvarlig 7, 9); S. Bretteville-Jensen 1-10 (ansv 1-6); Eivind Otto Hjelle 20-33
1953 Eivind Otto Hjelle
1954 Eivind Otto Hjelle 3; Jahn Otto Johansen 5-9, Tore Nilsen 5-9
1955 Tore Nilsen 1, Jahn Otto Johansen 1-10, Kaare Lervik 2-7, Ulrik Abildgaard 11-13, Tore Lund 11-13, Anton Hauge 12-13
1956 Ulrik Abildgaard 1, Tore Lund 1; Ole-Erik Øie 2-3, 5-8; Janken Kristiansen 2-3, 5-8, 12-15
1957 Janken Kristiansen 1, Arne Haugestad 2-4, 6, 8, 10; Trygve Ramberg 11-15
1958 Trygve Ramberg 1, 8-11; Sigurd Hennum 2, 4-6; (3: studentenes sommerruter)
1959 Trygve Ramberg 1, 2, 4; Janken Kristiansen 5 (kst.); Dick Badger x, Frank Bjerkholt 7-11
1960 Einar Olsen
1961 Einar Olsen 1,2; Odd Inge Langholm 4, 5, 7, 8 (alle kst.); Tore Nilsen 9-11
1962 Herman Fritz
1963 Nils Morten Udgaard
1964 Gunhild Ramm
1965 Pål Espolin Johnson
1966 Nils M. Knutsen
1967 Nils M. Knutsen 1; Hans Svelland 2-11 (-7: årsmelding studsamf)
1968 Kjell Gjerseth
1969 Einar Gullord 1-8; Årstein Skiftun 9/10 (kst) & 11-16
1970 Jørund Ubøe Some
1971 Arvid Weber Skjærpe
1972 Arvid Weber Skjærpe
1973 Liv Finstad
1974 Lars M. Wathne
1975 Erling Borgen
1976 Erling Borgen
1977 John Olav Egeland
1978 John Olav Egeland
1979 Arne O. Holm
1980 Arne O. Holm 1; Ivar Hippe 2-15
1981 Øyvind Lind Petersen
1982 Bård Michaelsen
1983 Thomas Spence
1984 Finn-Ove Hågensen
1985 Sissel Bergflødt
1986 Bård Amundsen
1987 Bent Sofus Tranøy 1-12 (ansvarlig 1-9) og Birgitte Kjos (ansvarlig 10-12; alene 13-17)
1988 Njaal Kværnes 1-9; Karl-Eirik Kval 10-17 (konst. 10-11)
1989 Karl-Eirik Kval
1990 Per Anders Johansen
1991 Line Noer Borrevik
1992 Per Arne Kalbakk
1993 Vigdis Alver
1994 Ingrid Brekke
1995 Irene Halvorsen
1996 Stein Håvard Biørnstad Ludvigsen
1997 Kjell Petter Eidsten
1998 Sindre Bremnes
1999 Fredrik Larsen
2000 Wera Helstrøm
2001 Steffen Sundgot Aagedal
2002 Tonje T. Larsen
2003 Bjørn-Egil Mikalsen
2004 Marianne Johansen
2005 Vegard Kristiansen Kvaale
2006 Michael Brøndbo
2007 Leif Martin Kirknes
2008 Anders Schiøtz Worren
2009 Aksel Kjær Vidnes
2010 Anders Mathias Johansen
2011 Simen Tallaksen
2012 Magnus Lysberg

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