United States at the 1992 Summer Olympics

United States at the
1992 Summer Olympics

IOC code USA
NOC United States Olympic Committee
in Barcelona
Competitors 545 (355 men, 190 women) in 28 sports
Flag bearer Francie Larrieu Smith (opening)
Peter Westbrook (closing)
Ranked 2nd
Gold Silver Bronze Total
37 34 37 108
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Other related appearances
1906 Intercalated Games

The United States competed at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. 545 competitors, 355 men and 190 women, took part in 248 events in 28 sports.[1] At the closing ceremony, a segment of their culture was performed, as the country hosted the next Olympics In Atlanta.






For the first time in Olympic archery history, the United States won no medals in a tournament in which they competed. Two individuals made it to the quarterfinals, as did both of the teams, but all were defeated there. The six archers combined for a 5-5 record in individual matches and a 2-2 record in team matches.

Women's Individual Competition:

Men's Individual Competition:

Women's Team Competition:

Men's Team Competition:


Men's Competition

Men's 100 metres

Men's 800 metres

Men's 5.000 metres

Men's 10.000 metres

Men's 4 × 400 m Relay

Men's Marathon

Men's 20 km Walk

Men's 50 km Walk

Men's 400m Hurdles

Men's Long Jump

Men's Triple Jump

Men's Javelin Throw

Men's Hammer Throw

Men's Discus Throw

Men's Shot Put

Women's Competition

Women's 800 metres

Women's 10,000 metres

Women's 400m Hurdles

Women's 10 km Walk

Women's Marathon

Women's Long Jump

Women's High Jump

Women's Discus Throw

Women's Javelin Throw



In the first appearance of the Americans' national pastime at the Olympics, the United States won five of its seven preliminary games, losing only to Cuba and Japan. This put the Americans in a three-way tie for second through fourth place in the round with Japan and Chinese Taipei. The tie-breaker essentially only determined which of the three teams had to face Cuba in the semifinals (with the other two playing each other), but the United States came in fourth and found itself face-to-face once again with the undefeated Cubans. The Americans lost that game 6-1. In an anticlimactic bronze medal game, the United States lost to Japan again to take fourth place.

Men's Team Competition:

Men's Team Results

Men's Team Roster


Men's Team Competition

Women's Team Competition


Men's Light Flyweight ( 48 kg)

Men's Flyweight ( 51 kg)

Men's Bantamweight ( 54 kg)

Men's Featherweight ( 57 kg)

Men's Lightweight ( 60 kg)

Men's Light Welterweight ( 63.5 kg)

Men's Welterweight ( 67 kg)

Men's Light Middleweight ( 71 kg)

Men's Middleweight ( 75 kg)

Men's Light Heavyweight ( 81 kg)

Men's Heavyweight ( 91 kg)

Men's Super Heavyweight (+ 91 kg)



Twenty cyclists, fifteen men and five women, represented the United States in 1992. Erin Hartwell won bronze in the men's 1 km time trial and Rebecca Twigg won bronze in the women's individual pursuit.

Men's road race
Men's team time trial
Men's sprint
Men's 1 km time trial
Men's individual pursuit
Men's team pursuit
Men's points race
Women's road race
Women's sprint
Women's individual pursuit


Men's 3m Springboard

Men's 10m Platform

Women's 3m Springboard

Women's 10m Platform



16 fencers, 11 men and 5 women represented the United States in 1992.

Men's foil
Men's épée
Men's sabre
Men's team sabre
Women's foil
Women's team foil


Men's Team Competition



Women's Team Competition


Modern pentathlon

Three male pentathletes represented the United States in 1992.


Rhythmic gymnastics



Men's Sailboard (Lechner A-390)

Men's 470 Class

Women's Sailboard (Lechner A-390)

Women's 470 Class



Men's 50 m Freestyle

Men's 100 m Freestyle

Men's 200 m Freestyle

Men's 400 m Freestyle

Men's 1500 m Freestyle

Men's 100 m Backstroke

Men's 200 m Backstroke

Men's 100 m Breaststroke

Men's 200 m Breaststroke

Men's 100 m Butterfly

Men's 200 m Butterfly

Men's 200 m Individual Medley

Men's 400 m Individual Medley

Men's 4 × 100 m Freestyle Relay

Men's 4 × 200 m Freestyle Relay

Men's 4 × 100 m Medley Relay

Women's 50 m Freestyle

Women's 100 m Freestyle

Women's 200 m Freestyle

Women's 400 m Freestyle

Women's 800 m Freestyle

Women's 100 m Backstroke

Women's 200 m Backstroke

Women's 100 m Breaststroke

Women's 200 m Breaststroke

Women's 100 m Butterfly

Women's 200 m Butterfly

Women's 200 m Individual Medley

Women's 400 m Individual Medley

Women's 4 × 100 m Freestyle Relay

Women's 4 × 100 m Medley Relay

Synchronized swimming

Three synchronized swimmers represented the United States in 1992.

Women's solo
Women's duet

Table tennis



Men's Team Competition

Women's Team Competition

Water polo



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