United States at the 1960 Summer Olympics

United States at the
1960 Summer Olympics

IOC code USA
NOC United States Olympic Committee
in Rome
Competitors 292 (241 men and 51 women) in 17 sports
Flag bearer Rafer Johnson
Ranked 2nd
Gold Silver Bronze Total
34 21 16 71
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Other related appearances
1906 Intercalated Games

The United States competed at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy. It was the first Summer Olympics in which the athletes marched under the present flag. 292 competitors, 241 men and 51 women, took part in 147 events in 17 sports.[1] The 1960 Summer Olympics was the first Olympics that was being covered by a United States television provider. CBS bought the rights to cover the 1960 Summer Olympics.[2] The 1960 Summer Olympics also brought one of the first appearances of one of the greatest heavyweight boxers ever, Muhammad Ali. Since these Olympic Games occurred before his conversion to Islam, he fought under the name Cassius Clay.[2]

Names of United States gold winners. Wilbert McClure, Eddie Crook, Jr., Cassius Clay, Otis Davis(2), Lee Calhoun, Glenn Davis, Jack Yerman, Earl Young, Glenn Davis, Ralph Boston, Don Brags, Bill Nieder, Al Oerter, Rafer Johnson, Wilma Rudolph(3), Martha Hudson, Lucinda Williams, Barbara Jones, Jay Hoyland, Arnette Walter, Jones Bellamy Jr., Robert Lewis, Boozer Terence, Gilbert Dischinger, Bardette Haldorson, Darall Tucker, Allen Earl, Kelley Lester, Jerry Ray Lucas, Oscar Palmer Robertson, Adrian Howard Smith, Jerome Alan West, Gary Tobian, Bob Webster, Arthur Ayrault, Ted Nash, John Sayre, Rusty Wailes, George O'Day, James Hunt, David Smith, William McMillan, William Mulliken, Michael Troy(2), George Harrison, Richard Blick, Jeff Farrel(2), Frank McKinney, Paul Hait, Lance Larson, Chris Von Saltza(3), Lynn Burke(2), Carolyn Schuler(2), Joan Spillane, Shirley Stobs, Carolyn Wood, Patty Kempner, Charles Linci, Terrence McCann, Shelby Wilson, Douglas Blubaugh.


Men's Competition

Men's 100 meters

Men's 200 meters

Men's 400 meters

Men's 800 meters

Men's 1.500 meters

Men's 5,000 meters

Men's 10,000 meters

Men's Marathon

Men's 110 meter Hurdles

Men's 400 meter Hurdles

Men's 3,000 meter Steeplechase

Men's 4 × 100 m Relay

Men's 4 × 400 m Relay

Men's 20 km Walk

Men's 50 km Walk

Men's Long Jump

Men's Triple Jump

Men's High Jump

Men's Pole Vault

Men's Shot Put

Men's Javelin Throw

Men's Discus Throw

Men's Hammer Throw

Men's Decathlon

Women's Competition

Women's 100 meters

Women's 200 meters

Women's 400 meters

Women's 800 meters

Women's 4 × 100 m Relay

Women's 80m Hurdles

Women's Long Jump

Women's High Jump

Women's Shot Put

Women's Javelin Throw

Women's Discus Throw

Women's Pentathlon





14 male cyclists represented the United States in 1960.

Individual road race
Team time trial
1000m time trial
Team pursuit




21 fencers, 16 men and 5 women, represented the United States in 1960.

Men's foil
Men's team foil
Men's épée
Men's team épée
Men's sabre
Men's team sabre
Women's foil
Women's team foil


Modern pentathlon

Three male pentathletes represented the United States in 1960. They won a bronze medal in the team event and Bob Beck won an individual bronze.





Nine shooters represented the United States in 1960. Bill McMillan won gold in the 25 m pistol and Jim Hill won silver in the 50 m rifle, prone.

25 m pistol
50 m pistol
300 m rifle, three positions
50 m rifle, three positions
50 m rifle, prone


Water polo




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