United Postal Stationery Society

The United Postal Stationery Society (UPSS) was formed July 1, 1945 from the merger of the Postal Card Society of America, in existence since 1891, and the International Postal Stationery Society, founded 1939. Current membership stands at about 1,000. The organization's journal since 1949 is called Postal Stationery. Articles appear about new issues of U.S. and international postal stationery, plus articles on rare and unusual stationery.

The Society has been active in producing postal stationery publications in the form of handbooks, catalogs and manuscripts since 1955. It also conducts regular auctions and a sales circuit. It regularly awards outstanding exhibits. Members have access to over 30 years of the society's journals online, plus a complete hi-resolution scan of every die used in the manufacture of US stamped envelopes.

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