United Federation of Trade Unions

Full name United Federation of Trade Unions
Native name Fellesforbundet
Founded 8 May 1988
Members 157,000
Affiliation LO
Key people Jørn Eggum, president
Office location Oslo, Norway
Country Norway
Website http://www.fellesforbundet.no

The United Federation of Trade Unions (Norwegian: Fellesforbundet) is a trade union in Norway. With a membership of 150,000[1] it is the largest private sector union in Norway.

It is affiliated with the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO).[1] The union organizes mainly members in the iron and metal industry, the shipbuilding industry, graphical sector, car repair workshops, aircraft repair workshops, hotel- and restaurants, the textile industry, the shoe industry, the building trade, the building industry, the paper industry, graphical branches, fish farming, and agriculture and forestry. More than 200 different trades and occupations are covered by the union.

It was established on 8 May 1988 as a merger among:

The Norwegian Graphical Union (Norsk Grafisk Forbund, established 1882) subsequently joined in 2006 and the Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union in Norway (Norsk Hotell- og Restaurantarbeiderforbund, established 1932) joined in 2007.[1][2]

Presidents have been John Stene (1988–1991), Kjell Bjørndalen (1991–2007), Arve Bakke (2007–2015) and Jørn Eggum 2015-present).


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