Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches

For the broader movement of Waldensians, see Waldensians.
For former Waldensian denomination in Italy before 1975, see Waldensian Evangelical Church.

The Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches (Italian: Unione delle Chiese Metodiste e Valdesi) is an Italian united Protestant denomination.

It was founded in 1975 upon the union of the Waldensian Evangelical Church (a Calvinist church with pre-Lutheran roots) and the Methodist Evangelical Church in Italy.

It has 50,000 members (45,000 Waldensians, of whom 30,000 in Italy and some 15,000 divided between Argentina and Uruguay, and 5,000 Methodists) and it is member of both the World Communion of Reformed Churches (as Waldensian Evangelical Church) and of the World Methodist Council (as Methodist Evangelical Church).

It is a founding member of the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy, an ecumenical body representating Italian historical Protestant denominations. The denomination voted, in 2010, to bless same-gender couples.[1]

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