Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs

United States
Under Secretary of Commerce
for Economic Affairs
Justin Antonipillai

since January 2016
Formation June 16, 1982
Website Official website

The Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs, or USC-EA, is a high-ranking official in the United States Department of Commerce that serves as the principal adviser to the United States Secretary of Commerce on economic analysis. The Under Secretary is ex officio the Administrator of the Economics and Statistics Administration.

The Under Secretary is appointed by the President of the United States with the consent of the United States Senate to serve at the pleasure of the President. Mark Doms is the current Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs. He was nominated by President Barack Obama on September 13, 2012. He was confirmed by the Senate on January 1, 2013 as one of the last acts of the 112th Congress. Prior to his confirmation, he was the United States Department of Commerce's Chief Economist. He served in that position from August 2009 through December 2012. Justin Antonipillai currently performs the duties of the Under Secretary for Economic Affairs


The Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs oversees the Economics and Statistics Administration as that body's Administrator. As the principal element of the Commerce Department for economic affairs, the Under Secretary provides timely economic analysis and disseminates national economic indicators. The Under Secretary serves as the Department's representative to the President's Council of Economic Advisers, interagency panels on economic issues, and other government agencies concerned with economic matters. The Under Secretary's principal responsibilities include: economic forecasting, consultation with the private sector on economic and broad economic sectoral developments, and policy analysis and development in the areas of economic policy.

The Under Secretary oversees the United States Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. These two statistical agencies gather, calculate, and disseminate much demographic, social and economic data including reports on the nation's gross domestic product, retail sales, personal income, housing starts, inventory levels and international trade.[1]

With the rank of Under Secretary, the USC(EA) is a Level III position within the Executive Schedule. Since January 2010, the annual rate of pay for Level III is $165,300.


The position was created by an Act of Congress on June 16, 1982.[2] The Under Secretary for Economic Affairs is fourth in the line of succession for Secretary of Commerce.[3]

People who have held this position

Reporting Officials

Officials reporting to the USC(EA) include:


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