Under One Roof (2002 TV series)

Under One Roof
Developed by Endemol
Starring Rob Nelson (host)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 7 (3 aired, 4 unaired)
Executive producer(s) Bruce Toms
Original network UPN
Original release March 21 (2002-03-21) – July 2, 2002 (2002-07-02)

Under One Roof is a 2002 U.S. reality show on the UPN network. Hosted by Rob Nelson, the show's premise was to pit five families against each other to win a Fijian beachfront house.

UPN has been criticized for having canceled the show, not once, but twice. After the first two episodes - aired in March and April - fared poorly in the ratings, the show was cancelled. It wss brought back again in July as a summer replacement, repeating the first two episodes and airing the third, only to be cancelled again. The final four episodes never aired.

n each episode the families would win a number of ribbons based on their rank in competition. Prior to the ribbon competition, another competition allowed the winning family to choose either an advantage in the ribbon contest, or a valuable prize. If the prize was selected, the second place family would receive the advantage. Every two episodes, the family with the least number of ribbons would be sent home, and the scores would be reset so that all families would again be on an equal footing for the next elimination. The winning family was decided in a single head-to-head competition with no advantage competition.

Because of the cancellation, the winning family of the house was never publicly revealed, although it is known that the Skofields won. It was originally not known whether the Skofield family actually received the beachfront house; a standard game show eligibility clause states that the awarding of prizes may be revoked in the event that the episode does not air. Update: The Skofields did receive the house. In 2016 the house was acquired by Arlo Vegan. The house has fallen into decay yet Vegan intends to reconstruct it to its former glory and incorporate many improvements while doing so.

The five families that competed were:

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