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Ukrainian names are given names that originated in Ukraine. In addition to the first (given) names, Ukrainians also have patronymic and family names.

Ukrainian given names

Diminutive and hypocoristic forms native to Ukrainian language have either empty inflexional Suffix (Гринь, Сень) or affixes -o, -e, -ik (Славко, Грицько, Славця, Грицуня, Андрійчик, Петрик). In Eastern Ukraine, Russian-language forms of diminutives are increasingly popular due to significant Russification of the region.[1]

As with most cultures, a person has a given name chosen by the parents. First names in East-Slavic languages mostly originate from two sources: Orthodox church tradition (which is itself of Greek origin), Catholic church tradition (which is itself of Latin origin) and native pre-Christian Slavic origin lexicons. Most names have several diminutive forms.

Popular Ukrainian male given names

  • Микола (Mykola, equivalent to Nicholas, of Greek origin)
  • Михайло (Mykhaylo, equivalent to Michael, of Hebrew origin)
  • Олександр (Oleksandr, equivalent to Alexander, of Greek origin)
  • Олексій, Олекса (Oleksiy, Oleksa, of Greek origin)
  • Орест (Orest, of Greek origin)
  • Павло (Pavlo, equivalent to Paul, of Latin origin)
  • Петро (Petro, equivalent to Peter, of Greek origin)
  • Рoмaн (Roman, of Latin origin)
  • Рycлан (Ruslan, of Tatar origin)
  • Сергій (Serhiy, of Latin origin)
  • Станіслав (Stanislav, of Slavic origin)
  • Тарас (Taras, probably of Greek Taras = son of Poseidon, or Dacian taras = chatterer, origin)
  • Юрій, Єгор (Yuriy, Yehor, equivalent to George, of Greek origin)

Popular Ukrainian female given names

  • Анастасія (Anastasiya, of Greek origin)
  • Василина (Vasylyna)
  • Віра (Vira, this name means "Faith," calque from Greek Πίστη)
  • Ганна (Hanna, equivalent to Anne, of Hebrew origin)
  • Катерина (Kateryna, equivalent to Catherine, of Greek origin)
  • Любов, Любомира (Lyubov, Lyubomyra, this name means "Love," calque from Greek Αγάπη)
  • Марія (Mariya, equivalent to Mary, of Hebrew origin)
  • Михайлина (Mikhaylyna)
  • Надія (Nadiya, this name means "Hope," calque from Greek Ελπίς)
  • Наталія, Наталя (Nataliya, Natalya, equivalent to Natalie, of Latin origin)
  • Оксана (Oksana; most common Ukrainian female name; of Greek origin from Xenia)
  • Олександра (Oleksandra, equivalent to Alexandra, of Greek origin)

  • Олена (Olena, equivalent to Helen, of Greek origin)
  • Ольга (Ol'ha, a pre-Christian name derived from Varangian Helga)
  • Рoмaна (Romana, female form of Roman)
  • Рycлана (Ruslana, female form of Ruslan)
  • Світлана (Svitlana, means "Shining One")
  • Софія (Sofiya, equivalent to Sophia, of Greek origin)
  • Тетяна (Tetyana, of Latin origin)
  • Юлія (Yuliya, equivalent to Julia or Julie, of Latin origin))
  • Сніжана (Snizhana)
  • Зоряна (Zoryana)
  • Мирослава (Myroslava)
  • Ярослава (Yaroslava)
  • Святослава (Svyatoslava)

Other popular given names include: Levko, Larysa, Valeriy, Pylyp, Yosyp, Taras, Panas etc.

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