Udders (ice cream)

Udders is a Singapore-based ice cream parlour franchise with six shops to its name. Owned by David Yim, it was established in 2007.The company’s selling point is its local and liqueur ice-cream flavours. There are now five outlets [1] with one outlet specialising in pancakes.[2]


A former educator, David Yim established Udders in 2007, opening its first store at United Square.[3] Mr Yim left his previous job to pursue his passion for food and chose to sell ice-cream because it is a “happy” food.[4] In the first four months, the business did poorly but today, they have expanded to include five outlets. Currently, the company is planning to franchise in other countries and develop flavours unique to those cultures.[5]

Products and Services

Ice cream flavours and names

Udders specialises in alcohol-flavoured ice cream, a niche in the Singaporean ice cream industry, such as Amaretto[3] and Rum Rum Raisin.[6] It also sells non-alcohol based flavours, including strawberry, coffee, pistachio ice cream,[7] and durian ice cream, the last of which has received favorable criticism from Singaporean actress Chermaine Ang.[8] Mr Yim and his partner design their own ice-cream flavours and as of 2011, Udders has at least 30 different ice-cream flavours.[9] In addition, it offers fried foods, in a bid to reach out to a wider range of consumers.[10] They also added Mao Shan Wang durian ice cream in 2008, which is a flavour unique to Singapore and which also happens to be their most popular flavour.[11] Some flavours, such as Cherry Bomb and Lychee Martini, are no longer in supply.[12] Udders had also stopped offering Kimchi ice-cream as it was not popular among customers.[13] The ice-cream chain encourages customers to suggest new flavours they would like, allowing them to participate in Udder’s ice-cream making process.[11] Udders caters ice cream and also organises ice cream-making classes.[14]

Ice Cream Ingredients

Udders makes its ice-cream fresh locally,[15][16] which contains less fat, cream and milk to cater to Asian consumers.[17] [18] To help reduce manpower costs and boost productivity, machines are used to pasteurise the ice-cream overnight instead of hiring more staff to do it by hand.[15][16]

The Udder Pancake

The company opened a new café, The Udder Pancake, in November 2014.[19] The café serves pancakes with savoury meats and condiments.[20]


The company organises ice cream-making workshops and provides ice cream-catering services.[21][22]


Udders has six outlets in Singapore. The franchise has announced plans to branch out into overseas territories, including Australia, China, and Indonesia.[6]

Work Culture

Udders places great emphasis on staff bonding as Mr Yim believes in creating an environment where they can trust each other and can voice their opinions in a safe environment.[9][23]


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