Aguri Uchida

Aguri Uchida (内田 あぐり Uchida Aguri, born 1949)[1] is a Japanese painter in the Nihonga style of watercolour painting.


Uchida was born in 1949 in Tokyo.[2] In 1975 she completed her studies in the university of Musashino art school; she exhibited twice in that year, being awarded a prize by the sougakai (創画会).[2] After that, she mainly conducted sougakai activities. From 1993 she served at the teaching school at Musashino art school, and won first prize at the 12th Yamatane museum prize exhibition.[1] In 2002 she won the Kaii Higashiyama memorial nikkei nihonga grand prize.[2] She has given personal exhibitions in many places.

Her compositions are characterized by a bold form and colours which are each independent.

Major works


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