Location of Eucla in Australia, UTC+08:45 is observed here and in some nearby villages

UTC+08:45 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of +08:45.

UTC+08:45 is used as a time in Australia (Central Western Time, or CWT). It is used by some roadhouses along the Eyre Highway in Western Australia and South Australia. Although it is not an official, government mandated timezone,[1] the boundaries where it commences and ends are clearly defined[2] and are usually shown on road maps of the area. There is a government erected sign on the eastbound side of the Eyre Highway advising travellers to advance their clocks by 45 minutes.[3]

UTC+08:45 is used in 5 places in Australia, including Border Village in South Australia, as well as Caiguna, Eucla, Madura and Mundrabilla in Western Australia. It is included in the tz database with designator Australia/Eucla.

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