USCGC Sea Fox (WPB-87374)

The bridge of the USCGC Sea Fox.
United States
Name: USCGC Sea Fox
Builder: Bollinger Shipyards, Lockport, Louisiana
Homeport: Seattle, Washington
Status: in active service
General characteristics
Class and type: Marine Protector-class coastal patrol boat
Displacement: 91 lt
Length: 87 ft (27 m)
Beam: 19 ft 5 in (5.92 m)
Draft: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Propulsion: 2 x MTU diesels
Speed: 25 kn (46 km/h; 29 mph)
Range: 900 nmi (1,700 km)
Endurance: 5 days
Complement: 10
Armament: 3 × .50 caliber M2 Browning machine guns
Unlike most other ships of her class, the Sea Fox mounts a gyro-stabilized remote controlled machine gun.

The USCGC Sea Fox was the last Marine Protector-class coastal patrol boat to be built. Her home port is Seattle, Washington.[1][2]

Unlike most cutters in her class she is owned by the United States Navy, although she is staffed by United States Coast Guard personnel.[2] She and her sister ship, the USCGC Sea Devil are employed to protect the Navy's largest submarines, the nuclear-armed Trident class, while in and near their moorings in Puget Sound.[3] The USCGC Sea Dragon and the USCGC Sea Dog guard the submarine base in Kings Bay, Georgia. These four vessels mount an additional gyro-stabilized remotely controlled machine gun.


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