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The United Kingdom Strength Council was founded by Glenn Ross, the famed strongman and also founder and promotor of the Irish Strength Association.[1] The UKSC, as it is commonly termed, was promoted by Bob Daglish's Elite Strongman Promotions until March 2010.


Part of the reason for the foundation was that Glenn Ross is a champion of the idea that strongman is about lifting and moving heavy objects. He has been quoted as saying that strongmen should be more akin to strongman of old, "fighting for every step, not running."

Ross's philosophy is represented in the contests the UKSC organise. There is little running with weights or like events, but rather lifting heavier weights as the main test and then struggling forward with them. Ross has said that, in relation to competing with other recognised events, such as Britain's Strongest Man, "when there is competition, it is good for everyone: competition in strongman creates an opportunity for the athletes, the fans and the sponsors to end up with a better product, and the reality is a free-market situation anyway."[2]

"Big, strong men are like bears. As long as you keep feeding them honey, they will stay in their caves and stick with certain organizations, but when the honey pot runs out, they must go into the forest to look for more honey." - Glenn Ross[2]

Bob Daglish's Elite strongman promotions was inextricably associated with the UKSC until it was announced in March 2010 that "In view of recent events and also some personal differences, Elite Strongman Promotions are hereby separating all affiliations with Big G promotions, the UK Strength Council and the UK strongest man competition." Elite Strongman promotions continued to run a version of the England’s strongest man final, whilst a separate competition run by UKSC was also run in 2010.[3][4]


The UKSC is famed for its blue ribbon event, UK's Strongest Man. There are also a number of regional and national qualifiers.

UK's Strongest Man

Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location Promoter
2014[5] England Eddie Hall England Adam Bishop Scotland Luke Stoltman Northern Ireland Belfast CNP
2013[6] England Eddie Hall England Ben Kelsey Northern Ireland Jonathan Kelly Northern Ireland Belfast UKSC (UK Strength Council)
2012[7] England Eddie Hall England Lloyd Renals England Chris Gearing Northern Ireland Belfast UKSC (UK Strength Council)
2011[7] England Eddie Hall Scotland Ken Nowicki Wales Richard Smith Northern Ireland Belfast UKSC (UK Strength Council)
2010[8] Northern Ireland Glenn Ross England Gary Gardener England Rob Frampton Northern Ireland Belfast UKSC (UK Strength Council)
2009[8] England Jimmy Marku Northern Ireland Glenn Ross England Mark Westaby Northern Ireland Belfast UKSC
2008[8] Northern Ireland Glenn Ross Republic of Ireland Dave Warner England Jimmy Marku Northern Ireland Belfast UKSC
2007[8] Northern Ireland Glenn Ross England Jimmy Marku England Simon Flint Northern Ireland BelfastUKSC
2006[8] Northern Ireland Glenn Ross England Terry Hollands England Jimmy Marku Northern Ireland BelfastUKSC
2005[8] England Terry Hollands England Mark Lawson England Simon Morton Northern Ireland BelfastUKSC
2004[8] Northern Ireland Glenn Ross Northern Ireland Brian Irwin Republic of Ireland Carl Waitoa Northern Ireland CarrickfergusUKSC
Not Held
Not Held
2001 England Steve Brooks England Richard Gosling England Mick Gosling TBCGeoff Capes/Daily Star
2000 England Richard Gosling England Gary Meyern England Adam Townsend TBCGeoff Capes/Daily Star
1999 England Richard Gosling England Gary Meyern England Adrian Smith TBCGeoff Capes/Daily Star
1998 England Adrian Smith England Richard Gosling England Dave Miles TBCGeoff Capes/Daily Star
1997 England Adrian Smith England Graham Mullins England Bill Pittuck TBCGeoff Capes/Daily Star
1996 England Graham Mullins England Gary Meyern Northern Ireland John O'Neil TBCGeoff Capes/Daily Star
1995 England Dave Miles England David Waters/England GraMullins TBCGeoff Capes/Daily Star
1994 England Tommy Smith England Bill Pittuck England Lee Bowers BlackpoolGeoff Capes/Daily Star
1993 England Bill Pittuck England Luke Green TBC TBC
1992 England Adrian Smith England Bill Pittuck TBC TBC

Championships by country

Country Titles
 England 16
 Northern Ireland 5
 Scotland 0
 Wales 0

Repeat champions

Champion Times
England Eddie Hall 6
Northern Ireland Glenn Ross 5
England Adrian Smith 3
England Richard Gosling 2

Regional and National qualifiers

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