U.S. Ausonia Spezia

Ausonia Spezia
Full name Unione Sportiva Ausonia Spezia
Founded ?
Dissolved ?
Ground unknown,
La Spezia, Italy

Unione Sportiva Ausonia Spezia[1] was an Italian association football club located in La Spezia.

The club is notable because, over a dispute regarding the Campionato Alta Italia 1944, it was admitted to Serie B Alta Italia 1945-46 in place of Spezia F.B.C., the main club in the city. However, the following season the dispute was settled, and Spezia was admitted to Serie B 1946-47 in place of Ausonia, that was relegated to Serie C 1946-47 by the FIGC. The club was immediately relegated to Promozione and later dissolved.

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