Uí Maine

For the Cenél Maini, see Tethbae.
Uí Maine
Túatha of Connacht (until 6th century)
1,300 years

Coat of arms

Early peoples and kingdoms of Ireland, c.800
Capital Not specified
Languages Old Irish, Middle Irish, Early Modern Irish, Latin
Religion Gaelic Christianity
Catholic Christianity
Gaelic tradition
Government Tanistry
   357–407 Máine Mór
  1593–1611 Feardorcha Ó Cellaigh
   Established 3rd century
   Disestablished 1611
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Ireland

Uí Maine, often Anglicised as Hy Many, was one of the oldest and largest kingdoms located in Connacht, Ireland. Its territory of approximately 1,000 square miles (2,600 km2) encompassed all of what is now north, east and south County Galway, south and central County Roscommon, an area near County Clare, and at one stage had apparently subjugated land on the east bank of the Shannon, together with the parish of Lusmagh in Offaly.

There were two different Ui Maine, the Ui Maine of Tethbae and the Uí Maine of Connacht; these tribes were separated by the Shannon River. The people of the kingdom were descendants of Máine Mór, who won the territory by warfare. Its sub-kingdoms, also known as lordships, included – among others – Tír Soghain, Corco Mogha, Delbhna Nuadat, Síol Anmchadha, and Máenmaige. These kingdoms were made up of offshoots of the Uí Maine dynasty, or subject peoples of different races.

The Uí Maine are among the ancient Irish dynasties still represented today among the recognised Irish nobility and Chiefs of the Name, by the O'Kelly of Gallagh and Tycooly, Prince of Uí Maine and Count of the Holy Roman Empire. The Fox (O'Kearney) may represent the eastern Uí Maine of Tethbae.

Early times

Máine Mór is said to have established the kingdom around 357 AD, and ruled for fifty years. Before his arrival, the area had been occupied by the Fir Bolg, ruled by King Cian d'Fhearaibh Bolg.

Early leaders (in order)

Name Years Ruled Death
Máine Mór 50 years natural death
Breasal mac Maine Mór

son of Máine Mór

30 years natural death
Fiachra Finn

son of Bresal

17 years slain by brother
Connall Cas Ciabhach

son of Bresal

22 years slain
Dallán mac Breasal

brother of Fiachra Finn

11 years mortally wounded then drowned
Duach mac Dallán

son of Dallan

16 years slain by Maine Macamh
Lughaidh mac Dallán

son of Dallan

14 years natural death
Feradhach mac Lughaidh

son of Lughaidh

24 years slain by successor
Marcán 15 years slain with sword
Feradhach mac Lughaidh

son of Feradhach

9 years slain by successor

Main families

Descendant clans of the dynasty include the Ó Ceallaigh,[1] Ó Madadhan,[1] Ó Neachtáin,[1] Ó Cnaimhín,[1] Ó Domhnalláin, Ó Maolalaidh,[1] and Ó Fallamháin.[1]


An early 15th century text Nosa Uí Maine, states that they were given rewards and treasures such as:

Along with the privileges that Kings and queens of Uí Maine received, the clans that fought for Uí Maine were also given privileges and rights:

Annalistic references

Members of Uí Maine Families

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