Uí Máil

Uí Máil were an Irish dynasty of Leinster. They were descended from Maine Mál, the brother of the legendary high king Cathair Mór. The Uí Máil were a dominant dynasty in Leinster competing for the kingship in the 7th century before being eventually ousted by the Uí Dunlainge and retreating east from the River Liffey plain in the 8th century. They are then found along the western foothills of the Wicklow Mountains. The Glen of Imaal, named for them, appears to be a center of their power.[1]

Kings of Leinster from the Ui Mail included:

Finamnail was ancestor to the Uí Théig (O'Tighe) north of Uí Máil territory just west of the Wicklow mountains, while Cellach Cualann was ancestor to the Uí Ceallaig Cualann (O'Kelly) on the Dublin-Wicklow border in the foothills of the Wicklow mountains. The region of Cuala was applied frequently to the foot-hills of southern Dublin.[1]

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